Own a Corn Maze

What MazePlay Can Do for You

Operating a corn maze is a fun and exciting business opportunity—the value of which is more than just the revenue generated! It is all about the memories created and the positive impact felt in each one of your communities.

From the moment you sell someone a ticket to the last ticket handed out before closing, running a successful corn maze is far from dull. It is wonderful to experience a family coming out to the maze for the first time, discovering they had more fun together than they’ve had in a long time. It could even be that a small child gets to see a real farm for the first time, runs around and gets covered in dirt, and has the time of their life. 

Communities spend considerable time and effort trying to create the kinds of memories that are discovered in a corn maze. When you own or buy a corn maze, you provide a valuable addition to the community in which it's located. Not only does it generate extra revenue, attracting people from far and wide, the corn maze offers a wholesome outdoor recreational activity that promotes fitness.  Moms and dads can get lost from their cares for a time. They can re-experience a little of what it is to be a kid again and be able to find new joys as a parent. There's is nothing like seeing your child running and laughing.

Here at MazePlay, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with so many good people across this nation. Thank you for all you do in each of your communities.  We could not ask for a better group of friends than our customers. 

While you're watching the videos below, we invite you to take a good look at our Corn Maze Store or drop us a line or reach us through our Contact Page. There is no better time than now to own or purchase a corn maze. Thanks again!

Maze Cutting Time-lapse 

A political message (but not a controversial one) is cut into a design that has garnered "a lot of national attention on newswires and on twitter." If you have a quick enough eye you can also see how we cut the maze. This is an example of how a maze pattern—growing out of true conviction—brings people from various backgrounds together for a cause.

MazePlay PlayList

This is a collection of moments and memories working in the industry for over 15 years. Including montages of our various destinations, this playlist showcases some of the great mazes we have the pleasure of working with all across America.

Exploration Acres Maze

Exploration Acres, a maze that has been with us for years, displays the theme, attractions, and design of a what they call a "fun, family-labyrinth for people of all ages to enjoy—including the employees!" They talk about the other business opportunities that have sprung up as a result of their successful family business.

Corn Dawgs Maze

A variety of attractions bring customers to this corn maze. But the biggest attention comes from the maze design which got national news coverage and internet notice.