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MazePlay creates corn mazes that are more fun!

Do you want to create a business that helps people make great memories, is fun, and helps you become independent?

Mazeplay creates corn mazes that are more fun. Corn mazes that are more fun are more profitable! For almost 20 years we have been helping people like you build profitable corn mazes. We do that by providing you with an awesome design, making it easy to put the design in the field, and coaching you with tips and a business plan that will help you fulfill your vision.


We charge a flat fee based upon the type of design you choose and the size of your field. Customers generally spend $4,990 - $8,450 for a maze design - with us putting the maze in the field for you, MazePlay website listing, Maze Owner Playbook, and MazeMaster Coaching all included!

We are currently adding New Corn Maze customers for the 2024 season. 

Please fill out the form and we will get back to you with a more customized quote and our maze catalog.

Shawn: 208.521.9098

If you have specific questions directed to one of our many corn mazes across the nation, go to Find a Maze and you will find that maze's individual contact information.

If you are here to order Corn Maze products, games, or services - give our online store a try at

MazePlay promises to keep your information submitted to us safe and secure. We will never sell your information. We use it for the purpose of contacting you directly about a corn maze.

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