Frequently asked corn maze questions

We frequently get asked multiple questions how MazePlay creates the kind of mazes that we do, and what it takes to start a corn maze business.  We hope that this page can provide useful information about not just corn mazes, but how to make a corn maze work for a business.

How do you plant a corn maze?

There are many ways to plant a corn maze.  Originally the method was to plant your corn on 30" rows on a cross pattern.  Then you design the maze on graph paper go through and count rows and eliminate the corn where your paths are.  MazePlay uses gps technology, computer programs, and gps controlled planters to precisely put each individual corn seed where it needs to be, and the corn then grows up in the shape of the corn maze.  Learn more about how we plant corn mazes.  Check out our corn maze designs.

How long does it take to do a corn maze?

If you are taking the paths out by hand, using the graph paper method, a corn maze can take several days, depending on how much acreage you have, and how many people you have helping you do the maze.  If you use a mower or tiller to remove the corn this process can be sped up.  MazePlay uses gps technology and we can plant the maze in about 1 acre per hour (weather and field conditions permitting).   This means we can come in and get the corn maze put in for you usually in less than a day.  

How much money does a corn maze make?

There are a variety of variables that factor into how much income a corn maze can produce.  Some of those variables are size of corn maze,  distance to a large population base, if you have other attractions besides just the corn maze.  A maze can gross anywhere from $30,000 in a season to upwards of $600,000 in a season.  Keep in mind these are gross numbers and the high number takes into account an established maze in a good location with some other attractions to complement the corn maze.   

What sets corn mazes apart from traditional hedge mazes?

There are 2 main things that set a corn maze apart from a traditional hedge maze.   The first thing is that every year, the crop is replaced on a corn maze.  This allows for the corn maze to have a new different design each year.  Customers then can experience something that changes year to year.  The other thing is because of the relatively low cost of corn and the fact that it only takes a growing season to have a maze.  The corn maze can be a lot bigger in size and acreage than a hedge maze can.  Hedge mazes take years to establish so it is very difficult to compete with a corn maze on changeability and size.

How much does it cost to build a corn maze?

To start off a corn maze it doesn't take much, but if you are planning on making it into an agri-entertainment venue that will generate some substantial income.  You will need to look into creating a budget.  To start a corn maze business, you could look into investing anywhere from $20,000 - $100,000 in the first year.  A lot of these costs will depend on if you own or are leasing the land.  What you already have established for infrastructure.  How big you are wanting to make the corn maze.  How many employees you will need to run the corn maze.  How much you are wanting to spend on advertising.

Are corn mazes profitable?

Corn mazes can be very profitable.  They are not a year round business so they only need to be run for about 2-3 months, so for a short amount of time they generate an impressive amount of income.  Traditionally corn mazes are run from early September through the first of November.  They capitalize on the fall festival time when kids are back in school and families are looking for weekend activities to participate in that are within an hours driving distance of home.  This makes it easier on the cost of advertising.  Creating a lower price spend per person to get them out to the corn maze.

Can you plant a corn maze with GPS?

Planting a corn maze with GPS is one of the best and easiest ways to create a corn maze.  There are certain planters that are GPS controlled to be able to plant the maze as the design.  Each seed is planted in the exact location so that the corn will grow up in the right spot to create a corn maze.  MazePlay has all the equipment and we come on site to plant the corn maze for you.  We can also provide the know how, and the correct files to upload so if you have the correct GPS planter and tractor with GPS guidance,  you can plant your own field.  Learn more.