Monster Mystery


Mysteries, Mazes, and Memories

Three reasons you'll love Monster Mystery as much as Farm Scene Investigation:

  1. New Characters
  2. Same type of game, with a twist
  3. Happy customers tell more friends about your farm

Monster Mystery provides:

An Interactive Storyline - 

It all happened one crazy fall night! A mysterious blinding flash lit the night sky. Boots, the dog, went to investigate but never returned. Monsters have overrun the farm and have taken Boots! Find out which monster took Boots and where he is being hidden. Enter the maze and find the 6 hidden location maps. At each location punch your card once for the monster and once for the hiding place using the attached hole punch. The remaining unpunched monster & hiding place reveal Boots' captor and location.   

The Package Includes - 

Monster Mystery includes all you need to get up and going for your corn maze season.  The Monster Mystery Package includes: 5,000 game cards, 2,000 stickers, 8 aluminum sign location scenes, 6 punches on chains, (1) 4'x8' introduction banner, (1) 4'x8' look & find banner. It also comes with easy to understand instructions on how to set-up and run the game. If you have questions about how this game is played, feel free to give us a call 8 am - 5 pm Monday - Thursday MST.  208.521.9098, or email us through our contact form.  We are excited for the opportunity to provide you with a fun game for your upcoming Fall Festival and Corn Maze season.