gps cornmaze planting

That's right! We plant the corn maze design!

Having us plant saves you time, headaches and perhaps even a sunburn.  How are you going to get your maze placed in the field?  You could use a grid, graph paper and lots of labor, maybe even a friends gps unit.  Then what?  What's your time worth?  We make it easy for you.  We will plant the maze.  We have developed a planter that only drops seed where it is needed to create your corn maze.

Our planter is highly accurate and specifically designed to create picture perfect mazes.  It allows us to create designs with more detail and variation than has ever been possible. 

We are seeing far better stalk strength and maze endurance than we have than with previous planting methods,  especially far better than mazes planted in two directions.  This means less maze damage from cut-throughs and less time putting up barricade tape or netting.  We get better performance, and we are able to save you the expense and time of getting a corn planter and/or getting it ready to plant.  Seed costs are reduced by not putting seed in the paths.  Combined with the proper herbicide program,  the planting method has the potential to reduce weed control cost.  A few customers have told us the have saved thousands of dollars by having us plant the maze.

We would love to come to your location and save you time and money by planting a corn maze for you.  Let us help you have an entertaining and exceptional corn maze this year.