Farm Tracks

Kids don't need more toys, they need more ADVENTURE!

Why do moms love this game? 

"We have moms that bring their kiddos out three or four times per week just so they can play in the corn and find the checkpoints."
Dalon Hinckley, Cross E Ranch. 

Five reasons why farmers love Farm Tracks

  1. Fun for the family! If you don't have something for all ages, families won't come.

  2. Return Business. This game is fun for the kids everytime they come, and they keep coming back!

  3. Small Kids area-separates the maze so smaller kids feel "bigger" and have more fun

  4. Holds attention-the game is short and designed for a smaller maze path which doesn't allow them to get burned out as easily.

  5. Happy Kids = Happy Moms = Happy Families = better business outcomes!

This is the perfect game for 2 to 8-year-olds. They will search for the animal who stole Farmer Joe's pie and learn about animal tracks in the process. It is a tactile game that adds to the fun of the maze while allowing them the thrill of solving a mystery.