Farm Scene Treasure Hunt

What a unique game to bring more customers to your maze! 

Farm Scene Treasure Hunt is a fun, engaging game designed to create competition and keep the smiles comin'! 

Buy Farm Scene Investigation!

Do games really matter? 

“The new game is Treasure Hunt and it’s AWESOME . . . and the response has been amazing!”  —Donna Wohlgemuth,  Maize Adventure

"The game really makes a difference in the experience. People are playing and competing, it's not like anything they have ever done before." —Richard Johnson, Wild Adventure Corn Maze.

What are the kids saying about it?

"I like trying to get more points than my sisters!" —Arthur, Idaho Falls, ID

"It is fun to see how many points you get when you scratch the card."

How does this game help the bottom line? 

More SMILES per acre!

Happy customers = more time on the farm = increased revenue

Word of mouth advertising

Instead of boredom in the maze, customers have fun, spend more time at the farm, and tell more people about the great time they have there!


The competition, the laughs, the experience all create an experience that helps build traditions and memories all while on your farm

If you are a maze owner and are looking to add this game to your farm, visit for more details.