Farm Scene Investigation

Create a corn maze experience like no other!

Farm Scene Investigation provides an interactive experience, that can be played by everyone and will help you HARVEST MORE SMILES PER ACRE!

How can it make a difference for my maze? 

It is received well, the customers enjoy it the game has been a great addition, we keep it around every year because it is so popular.”—Hubbs Corn Maze               

“Farm Scene Investigation brought in thousands of new customers to my farm. It was a great investment!”—Honey Suckle Hill Farm

What have maze customers said about Farm Scene Investigation:

"I used to think that corn mazes were boring because people just wander around in the corn. I think this maze was so FUN because of this game!"—Kay, Idaho Falls, ID

"Our family has been to mazes all over the country, and we have never had as much fun as we did in this maze, because of this game!"—Patty, Richfield, UT

Why do farmers like you choose FSI!

More SMILES per acre!

Happy customers = more time on the farm = increased revenue.

Activity to do in the maze!

Keeps people entertained, less maze damage

Gives a reward!

Everyone that completes the game can get a prize


You will now have something other mazes don't. Customers will tell more people and return more often. 

Buy Farm Scene Investigation!

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