Bee Waggle Game

Corn Maze Games

What is the Bee Waggle Game?

The Bee Waggle Game is an interactive outdoor activity that is designed to offer a great experience for children out in a sunflower field or a corn maze.  It educates children on the the importance of bees and how they communicate.

How to Play

Did you know that bees dance to communicate?  Bees dance or "waggle" to tell the other bees where the best flowers are located.  We need you to help us find the best flowers in the field.  Each of the bees will leave a special mark on a medallion for you to find.  Search the field, find the mark and place the rubbing paper over the medallion.  Use the crayon to make a rubbing.  Once you have collected the 6 markings, come to the banner to identify the dance moves.  Learn the dance, then show us the moves at the hive to get a prize and help the bees find the best flowers!

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Bee Waggle Fame is a fun way to get people moving and dancing.  Make usre you get people to tag your business when they post their new dance moves to social media.  Who knows? The dance combination may become a viral TikTok or Facebook post.  Your customers can new "Bee Waggle" themselves into Stardom!

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