Outstanding Corn Mazes

Published in MazePlay's Outstanding Customerson October 23, 2018

Columbiana Maze Craze

Located in New Springfield, Ohio.  Cindy and Michael Bacon decided to go with a fun Peter Pan design this year.  We came and planted this maze for them, and they got an excellent air photo of the design.  They worked hard and this maze was one of the first mazes this year that went viral on social media.  The adventure and fun of Peter Pan, Captain Hook, the Pirate Ship, the crocodile, and Tinkerbell all in a corn maze design I think just captured everyone's imagination.


Exploration Acres

Located in LaFayette, Indiana we bring you the Stranger Things Corn Maze.  Tim Fitzgerald worked long and hard to partner with Netflix and Stranger Things to bring the people in Indiana this amazing corn maze.  Take a look at the video below, this corn maze got amazing publicity this year because of the content.  Tim decided to go with a Pop Culture theme that is extremely popular.  He also decided to tie his location into the movie because he is located in Indiana.  Such a great idea that was executed to perfection.  We also planted this maze for him this year, to get some of the details shown in the design.

Richardson Corn Maze

Richardson Corn Maze in Spring Grove, Illinois always pay special attention to their maze design.  This year they wanted to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of Illinois in a really large, huge, gigantic way.  This maze was planted also this year in the shape of the design.  We spent a lot of time getting this just right so we could represent a lot of the great things about Illinois,  there is a lot of history that we put in the design.  Richardson's hit it out of the park with the news media this year, and were even featured on an LL. Bean/ Thrillist commercial.