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Frequently Asked Questions (Click for the answers): 

  • Cash vs. Card Admissions? - "We like traditional cash at the admissions gate, but we see people wanting more and more to pay with a card. Can your system process credit cards?"
    • Yes. To be clear, FARMpass is not a card-swipe system. Your customers will bring up a website on their phone and enter their information from their card into the online ticket-purchase fields. They can do this before they come or when they arrive as an alternative to standing in line. This will allow you to access sales opportunities you would otherwise miss and shorten your lines at the same time. As the culture in which we live moves away from carrying cash, having a system customers can use with their cards becomes more important.
  • Cost & Subscription Fees? - "How much does it cost? Is it a one-time fee or will we have to re-up it every year?"
    • $350 per year pays for the domain and the server that hosts your FARMpass service and 3% of online sales goes to the MazePlay company. Remember, you don’t have to sell very many tickets this way to cover the yearly cost of using the service. Assuming a $10 ticket price, you sell 40 tickets, and you’ve already made a profit. You pay 3% of online sales and your merchant account charges between 1.5 - 2.0 percent (typically), so you average paying less than 5% of sales. We anticipate that losing the 5-or-so percent still leaves you with 95% profits on sales you would not otherwise have gained.
  • To Scan or Not to Scan? - "Do I have to buy a barcode scanner?"
    • Actually, no. FARMpass will work without a barcode scanner because your ticket-takers CAN enter the numbers from the ticket barcode by hand. We STRONGLY recommend using a barcode scanner because entering all those tickets in by hand will slow down your lines rather than speed them up.
  • Barcode Scanner Compatibility? - "I like that you have a bar code to scan. We have scanners already - how do we know which scanners will work with the MazePlay system?"
    • If you have scanners, just check with us. In general, FARMpass is designed to work with any scanner - HOWEVER, depending on your circumstances, we would usually RECOMMEND two things:
      1. Use bluetooth scanners if you want them to sync with smartphones your employees already carry. This eliminates the need for you to supply devices on which your ticket-takers operate the system.
      2. Use scanners that are capable of scanning directly from the screens of the devices your customers will bring with them to the farm. This entirely eliminates the need for printed tickets. Of course printed tickets will still work...but why would you ever need them?

      We have used and tested the TK-3488-BT (A bluetooth 2D barcode imager scanner as seen here: and details and/or purchase here: which is quick, sturdy, and scans tickets from any device we’ve tested (Windows, Android & iOS). Cost on a good scanner might be about $325.

  • Online Sales Season Limits? - "The corn maze is only open a few weeks in the fall - can we use the online store throughout the rest of the year?"
    • Your online sales through FARMpass can last all year long to sell whatever you want and you are free to modify the sales available there often as you want. You can also designate certain sales items to only be available at certain times of the year (seasonal offerings, special repeated events, etc.). Of course, WE WANT YOU TO USE IT ALL YEAR LONG, but that’s up to you. We recommend you find “off season” ways to utilize it and gain extra revenue because you’ve paid for the service and once you’ve made your $350 back, everything else is just additional return on investment. Also, when your customers become accustomed to buying things from your online store throughout the year, it becomes a form of persistent marketing, in itself, for your fall corn maze season.
  • Owner Editable Content? - "When we need to make changes to our tickets, can we do that ourselves or do we have to call you guys [MazePlay] all the time?"
    • We give you the tools and the training. You run your own FARMpass account. You can call us for help any time, of course.
  • Deposit Schedule & Taxes? - "The sales tax that is collected - how is that paid? Under who's tax number is it being collected? How is the money paid to us and how often?"
    • This is exactly what is managed by your Merchant Services Account; they collect the credit card information and process the transactions - including the taxes on your company’s tax ID - and depositing the proceeds of each individual online transaction directly into your bank account for you. FARMpass generates tax information so you can easily track it for your records. The speed with which the money reaches your bank is handled by your merchant account. The funds for each transaction will generally be validated and deposited into your account almost immediately.
  • Types of Sales and Inventory Limits? - "In addition to admission tickets, what kinds of other sales can I make through the online store? Is there a limit to how many items you can have on the site?"
    • FARMpass is designed to sell tickets. Though it's not the main purpose we built this online ticketing system for you, virtually anything you sell on-location can be pre-sold through your online portal; everything from t-shirts and concessions to Christmas tree ornaments and special events passes. There is no limit to the number of items you can sell through your FARMpass site.
  • Shipping? - "You said something about being able to ship at in your video,  is there shipping cost calculators to add the cost onto the orders . "
    • Yes, this is so. You can set up shipping (weights and sizes of items, etc) for your products. Of course, we expect the great majority of sales will be things that people pick up themselves on location at your farm.
  • Setting up my Online Merchant Account: - "I don't even know if I have an online merchant account and I don't know what company I should use to transfer payments online into my bank...what do I do?"
    • The biggest challenge people face in making their online ticketing work is setting up a Merchant Services Account for accepting credit card payments online. We can recommend one to you. Here is a quick video clip to help you understand how e-Commerce companies work. (While it is NOT intended as a commercial for, they made the video so they are featured.) Other Merchant Services Account companies work in, essentially, the same way:
  • Wait, maybe I ALREADY have an Online Merchant Account: - "Is it the same as PayPal, Square, or Apple Pay?" "We already have a credit card that what we use?"
    • Well, no. Even if you are using PayPal, Square, or Apple Pay or any of a number of sales tools, you don't have an ONLINE merchant account unless your customers are specifically making purchases from you online. Here's the difference: Square is a card-reader service to which customers present a PHYSICAL credit card for you to swipe. Online merchant accounts (like you use for FARMpass Online Ticketing) are different. Your online merchant account is accessed - as the name suggests - via the a web-site. PayPal and Apple Pay have associated Online Merchant Account services which transact their business through a website. So ask two qualifying questions:
      1. Does my system use physical cards at the point of sale or does my system make transactions via a website. (FARMpass Online Ticket Sales need a system that works online).
      2. Does my ONLINE system use one of the following: AuthorizeNet (by far the most common), PayPalPro, PayPalStandard, InternetSecure, SecureNet, VirtualMerchant, NetworkMerchants. Most online systems use one of these. If you have an ONLINE merchant account system, you're most likely already using one of these providers and may be doing so through a reselling company name. We frequently recommend Arlo Nelson of Preferred Merchant at (208) 313-2120 or Jay Yeggy of at (208) 863-9596 meet with you to go over your options and we have other options if, for some reason, that doesn't fit your need.
  • Getting Started - "How do I contact you to get started?"
    • Click this link to sign up for FARMpass Online Ticketing from MazePlay
    • Call Dave at (208) 821-2741. If he’s on a call, he’ll call you back. The short list of things dave needs to get started immediately are:
      1. Choose a website or domain name. We recommend [YourWebsite], but this is negotiable. We can get you a simplified, SHORTENED link if you happen to have a really long website URL.
      2. We need to know the name of your bank and the credentials for posting payments to your Online Merchant Account.
      3. We need to set up an administrator for your account. So choose an email and login.

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    • After we've programmed that for you, we'll spend some time online helping you (or someone you designate from your team) set up your first set of tickets, getting some images in place, and launching your site. We want you to be comfortable using the tools we have built for you, so we will train you to manage it yourself.

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Buy FARMpass Now for your AgTourism Business!
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