FARMpass - Easier for your customers, Easy for you!

FARMpass is an Online Ticketing solution specifically designed for Corn Mazes & Agri-entertainment venues. Since its inception, FARMpass is a ticketing solution that makes it easy for people to buy tickets, fast for them to get through the lines, easy for the venue owner to set up and run, and quick for the clerk to redeem tickets. 

Why Online Ticketing?

You can already take money on-site, so in what ways does Online Ticketing make things better?

  • Increased Ticket Sales
  • Faster Lines
  • Real-time Marketing Feedback
  • Capture Email
  • Farm Customized
  • Quick Touch Redemption
  • Scheduled Events
  • Buy Now Button
  • Insurance Against Bad Weather
  • Social Media Shareable
  • Safer than Cash
  • Impulse Buying
  • Decreases Procrastination
  • People Spend More Money at the Maze

Why FARMpass?

  • What sets FARMpass apart from the variety of other online ticketing solutions out there?
  • Group Ticketing and Reservations
  • Scheduled Events Tickets for Fire Pits, Haunts, Paintball, Birthday Tents etc.
  • Rainy Day Alerts
  • Easily Track and Distribute Free Admissions/Promotions
  • Scannable From Mobile Devices or Print
  • Lower cost 
  • Reports that give you much-needed information to make financial and staffing decisions.


FARMpass offers general admission ticketing, scheduled event tickets which allow ticket sales for time-slotted activities like a haunt or fire pits, and group tickets. It allows you to send coupons or free admission tickets through email. Its reporting feature allows maze owners to see what groups are scheduled, how many tickets have been sold, etc. Employees can log in from their own device to see what the schedule for the day is, who is coming and when. This is a game changer for staffing!

Ticket Redemption

Tickets can be redeemed by scanning a paper ticket, entering the order ID, or with our Quick Touch Redemption.

FARMPass Quick Touch Ticket Redemption

Quick Touch Redemption allows people to bring their ticket on their smartphone. The ticket clerk simply presses the redemption buttons to redeem the ticket. Then the customer can go right in! No paper or scanner is required—just the touch of a finger.

To request a demo e-mail or call Chayce Whitworth at (208) 589-5947.


Easy, Understandable Straightforward Pricing. We charge you 3% of the total sale. There are no tiers, quotas, different pricing for different types of tickets. Whether it be a ticket, a scheduled event or a product, you pay three percent. Easy, peasy—no more hassle.

The $350 per year + 3 percent covers our fees; there will be additional fees that apply that come from your credit card processor.